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Conditions of use

School Admissions Place Applications

I declare that all the information which I have provided to support my child's application for admission to Primary/Secondary school in September 2023 is correct and complete.

I understand that any school place offered on the basis of fraudulent or intentionally misleading information may be withdrawn. I have read the information on the webpages that contains information regarding how places are allocated and the admission criteria for each school.

I understand that if I have applied for a Faith school it is my responsibility to return the appropriate supplementary form directly to the school for both Secondary and Primary School places.

I understand that if my child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, and I have made a preference for a mainstream school that is not my child’s local school, transport arrangements remain my responsibility.

2 Year Old Place Applications

By submitting an online application for a funded two year old childcare place, you are confirming that all the information provided is correct and complete.

If fraudulent or intentionally misleading information is used to secure a free childcare place for a two year old, the place may be withdrawn and/or reported to Her Majesty Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Bolton Council is supporting parents with the eligibility checking process.

It is the responsibility of parents to choose a childcare provider from the list of approved providers operating in Bolton. Parents are to speak directly with their chosen provider regarding the availability of places and registration.